New Model 3 or old Model S

Tesla Model 3 Tesla Model S
Model 3 Model S

This a short list of things I’d want on a Tesla Model 3 before I’d even consider trading in my current Model S. Comparing the renderings of the 2 cars, the Model S has a head start by winning the beauty contest.

  • Level 4 autonomous drive ready : Tesla is making huge steps in autonomous driving. If they want me to buy the Model 3, it should have all sensors onboard to be able to drive autonomous from point A to B. I can live with the software not yet being ready and a phased deployment of the autonomous drive. My Model S is of the first generation without autopilot features
  • European CCS Combo Charge Port : Standards are important in this world. So is the European standard for charging Electric Vehicles. This standard will be used to roll-out charging networks in Europe. If I buy a Model 3, it should be able to charge fast using these proprietary charging stations. My Model S has a CHAdeMO adapter which allows it to use these charging stations at maximum 50 kW
  • Towing hitch: Because I’m going back to a smaller car, the Model 3 should be able to tow something. To cover my transportation needs I’d need to be able to tow a small trailer.
  • +400km Typical Range. Similar to my current Model S 85. Battery package may be smaller than 85 kWh, but with a lower energy consumption.
  • Cargo space : 80% of my Model S : the combined cargo space (Frunk and Trunk) should be at least 80% of my Model S cargo space. So 700 litres of cargo space should do the trick. As a reference, in a BMW 5-series of 2013, you have 560L in the trunk.